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TAO Engaged in Stroke Rehab Technologies

We are excited about one of our developing portfolio concentrations of new technologies in the area of physical rehabilitation.

We have identified several new technologies designed to address unmet needs for patients trying to regain physical mobility lost due to stroke, limb loss, spinal injury and other factors. We are now moving forward with two technology investments that will directly improve physical rehabilitation for stroke, limb loss and spinal injury patients.

The impact of stroke and these other physical setbacks due, in part, to the aging population and increasing cases of Type 2 Diabetes, is on the rise as is the need for improved rehabilitation technologies. TAO has well-established activities and deep ties with clinicians and leading researchers  in some of the areas in the US most impacted by stroke such as the so-called Stroke Belt.   The Stroke Belt maps the highest density of stroke victims per population and runs right through South Carolina, Florida and the Southeast.  The heaviest concentration, referred to as the Buckle of the Belt, is centered where TAO is headquartered, in South Carolina.  We are developing relationships with leading companies and clinical operations in these areas.

At this time, TAO is finalizing investment in an innovative technology that will help stroke patients restore a normal walking pattern, or gait. We are aiming to have the product in-market and to be impacting stroke patients' lives by 2015.  We will give updates our progress on this exciting development and our other investment over the coming months.

We are continuing to identify new opportunities to further develop and expand our portfolio concentration in new rehabiitation devices and services.  Please contact us if you would like to open a dialogue about possible collaborations in this arena.



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