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Why We Formed TAO Life Sciences

Through our working relationships with major universities across the country, we noticed a missing player in the game of translation of technology from science bench to marketing shelf. This missing player was a utility player, having the skills of investor, developer, project manager, scientist, business expert, and lawyer. When technologies reach a mature stage, they can support experts in each of these fields, but at an early stage, such as prototype development or identifying and performing a commercially relevant validating experiment, technologies can not even support the necessary next step, much less field a full team for its translation.

Our experience with incubators has shown us what an important role for infrastructure and information technologies can provide, but typically they exist for companies, which have already formed. Unfortunately, not all technologies are ready or appropriate for company formation, and this has led to many states and universities having a large number of unfunded and unfundable companies in their technology initiatives. This situation is exacerbated by Angel Investors, who provide highly needed capital to be deployed in early stage ventures, but because of the need for preconceived ideas about exits and returns, technologies are rushed or inappropriately pushed into individual vehicles before their validation as commercial opportunities has been confirmed.

We formed TAO Life Sciences to fill a utility player role, both investor and developer, both scientist and business person, playing the game with technologies before they are ready for a team of individual experts or before they are ready to be stand-alone companies. We seek technologies that have defined scientific, legal, or commercial milestones, which when executed upon make the technology ready for a specific monetization strategy. We provide the funding and the management to reach these milestones, and then execute on the monetization strategy to the benefit of our licensors and investors. Our opportunities, in some cases become companies, and in others, are licensed or partnered with existing companies.